About Us

LITIGATION too often is the only means of resolving disputes. Litigation involves time, expense, risk and loss of control. The alternative? Until recently, not much. Because of increasing dissatisfaction among participants in lawsuits, a group of Maryland’s leading attorneys formed ADR MARYLAND, a non-profit service that offers an alternative process for effective dispute resolution. The process, used successfully throughout the country, is Alternative Dispute Resolution or “ADR.”

ADR MARYLAND offers the advantages of fair, fast, and cost efficient methods of dispute resolution. Just as important, ADR MARYLAND provides control, confidentiality and relationship preservation often destroyed by litigation. When a dispute arises involving your interests, ADR MARYLAND urges you to consider arbitration or mediation for possible resolution before resorting to litigation, or as a means to terminate pending litigation. ADR MARYLAND provides a panel of neutral Maryland attorneys to serve as impartial arbitrators or mediators in the dispute resolution process.

The neutrals of ADR MARYLAND are respected in the Maryland legal community for their experience and judgment. Each member is selected based upon extensive peer evaluation and training in mediation techniques. Choosing ADR MARYLAND for alternative dispute resolution provides a neutral with an understanding of Maryland law and business in a confidential setting, at a reasonable cost.

Whether you need more information about ADR Maryland or you wish to discuss the availability and fee structure of an ADR Services neutral for the purposes of dispute resolution, please contact any of the ADR Maryland neutrals. To view a more detailed overview of our panel of neutrals and their contact information please click here.


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