Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADR Maryland?

ADR Maryland was founded in 1996 by members of leading Maryland firms dissatisfied with the then available ADR options in complex legal disputes. ADR Maryland, whose corporate name is “Maryland ADR Services, Inc.” is organized under the laws of Maryland and is a nonprofit corporation. ADR Maryland is supported solely by the dues of its members and receives no part of any fee that its members may charge.


How can I contact an ADR Maryland Neutral to assist in Mediation or Arbitration?

You may call any Neutral on the list, who will assist in finding the proper Neutral
for the matter.


What if a Neutral is unable to serve due to a scheduling or other conflict?

Any Neutral on the list will be glad to assist you in finding another panel member if he or she is unable to serve, or you may call any other panel member for further assistance.


How can I find a Neutral who may be familiar with the area of law involved in my dispute.

You may search for Neutrals by area of law using the "Neutrals by Subject Matter " menu tab of our website. There also are links to each Neutral’s law firm website and professional bio.


What does it cost to retain an ADR Maryland Neutral?

Only the hourly rate set by the Neutral for the arbitration or mediation. Hourly rates may vary, but there is no administrative charge.


Are there any specific rules applicable to ADR Maryland Arbitration or Mediation?

A suggested Mediation Agreement is available on the website (click here for PDF). Also available on the website is a suggested Agreement to Arbitrate an existing dispute (click here for PDF) with proposed rules that may be adopted by the parties.


What does ADR Maryland have to offer that is not available elsewhere?

ADR Maryland provides a panel of highly-experienced and widely-respected senior Maryland attorneys with active litigation practices who are trained and skilled in alternative dispute resolution techniques. Our members routinely engage in mediations and arbitrations throughout the State of Maryland and elsewhere. ADR Maryland Neutrals understand from experience complex legal and business disputes. They have the experience, credibility and training to assist parties in getting to “Yes.”


If I am pleased with the services of ADR Maryland Neutrals, how can I assure that ADR Maryland Neutrals are engaged to assist in resolving future complex business disputes in my business?

Users of ADR Maryland Services may insert a clause in their business agreements requiring the use of ADR Maryland Neutrals for mediation (click here for PDF) or Arbitration (click here for PDF) or both.


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